A PROMISE OF LIGHT is made possible by the generous support of our community.


Sandra Kersteman

Emily Moran

Sara Dobbie

Holly and Simon Kock

Joseph and Stephanie Mancini

Pat Moran

Renee and Chris Fountain

Jessie Crump

Tony and Sue Dempsey

Bateman’s Tires

Louis Critelli

Daniella and Patrick Folino

Ally Foster

Ryan McMurray

Eric Milne

Carl Kehoe

Tracy Guest

Vanessa H. Wright

Casey Gauderon

Mark and Janet Soppitt

Kelly Gough

Nick and Linda Baila

Ninette Moran

Anita Arab and Donna Hokiro

Danielle Willick and Sam Critelli

Jo-Anne Morris

Matthew Hughes

Thomas Reimer


Stephen Guest

Maria Gagliardi

Michael Vincent and Felicia Dunham

Elinor Humphries

Taryn Pickard

Carie MacDonald

Susan Alexander

Charlene and Carmine Mancini

Vic Feazell

One With Blue

Irene Alfaro

Thank you all so much!